We are a training body with prestigious national and regional accreditations that operates in the planning, coordination and implementation of training courses aimed at training professional figures that emerge from careful analysis of needs.

As a consultancy firm we offer multiple company-oriented services including: occupational medicine, consultancy in the field of workplace safety and risk assessment, consultancy in the field of ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications, consultancy in the field of safety HACCP food, consultancy for the management of SISTRI, consultancy for registration in the Register of Environmental Managers, consultancy on privacy obligations, SCIA business start-up practices, fire prevention practices, requests for certifications and practices at bodies and institutions.

We are accredited by the Campania Region to carry out self-financed professional training courses (Regional Law 14/2009 ex Law 19/87) for the following areas:

  • Initial training
  • Continuous training
  • EDA Higher Education (Adult Education)
  • Training for Special Users

We are accredited by the Ministry of Transport and Navigation for the purpose of providing training courses for hauliers (vehicles for third parties and own account, travellers).

We are accredited by the National Council of Engineers , the National Council of Architects , the National Council of Agricultural Experts and the National Council of Industrial Experts for the purpose of issuing CFP (Professional Training Credits) to its members.

Our mission

The COMPANY MISSION is focused above all on creating and consolidating links with the local business network to better carry out its business.

Join Academy & Consulting is among the top training centers in Campania in terms of number of courses provided for RSPP Modules A, B and C and related updates for all Ateco macro-sectors.

We are accredited by prestigious Bilateral National Bodies (Federsicurezza - Italian Federation of Safety at Work and EBPMI - Bilateral Body for Small and Medium Enterprises ) for the purpose of providing recognized training courses in the field of Safety in the Workplace and more specifically courses for workers, rls, supervisors, managers, fire and first aid officers, work equipment, aspp/rspp, safety coordinators, safety trainer, etc.

We are headquartered of UNOS ( National Union of Security Operators ), a trade association that groups together Security Professionals pursuant to Law 4/2013 (Heads of Prevention and Protection Services, Coordinators of the Planning and Execution of Work, Security Trainers at work, etc.).


Design and delivery of professional training courses - EA37

Design, delivery and monitoring of training in asynchronous and synchronous mode with the formagione web application.